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I’m Cooper Tropeau…

A Country Artist living and writing on the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.

I began my musical journey as a child spending time with my grandparents listening to legends such as Hank Williams, George Jones and Johnny Cash on my grandfather’s old jukebox. As soon as I could hold a guitar, I started taking lessons. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I discovered my true passion in music… songwriting. Honest songs, songs about heartache, deep loss, and drinking… classic country material with a modern sound. 

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“ I don't know what you mean by country music. I just make music the way I know how”

- Hank Williams


Now at age 17, I have spent the last year recording my debut record “Crown on the Dash” with Canadian producer SJ Kardash. I’m very proud of this album. Twelve songs with a little something for everyone. A mix of upbeat party tracks and slow ballads with strong emotion.  “Crown on the Dash” is set to be released in May 24th and my first single “None of My Friends” is out now.  I plan to continue writing new music and improving my skills on guitar and piano. In the meantime I will be focusing on promoting my debut album as well as booking live performances… 


See you on the road,